Tuuli's interests

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We have been training with the local club and also by ourselves.

Tuuli's first show was in puppy class in briard special  and after that there have been many shows and various results. Tuuli has got five CAC's and three CACIB and she has been BOS four times.


When Helmi was not allowed to train in spring 2015 we started with Tuuli training rally 14.5.2015.  25.6.2015 we went to an unofficial test. It went well and we got 81 points in the trainer's class and were placed fourth.


We started to train agility in spring 2016. We started our career in unofficial competitions in Kouvola on 126.5.2016 with the result 70,29.


24.5.2015 we tried herding in Somero.


We have tried some tracking.


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Updated 09.06.2017
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