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Siusam Xarathustra


2.7.1990 - 15.9.1999

Breeder kennel Siusam Manta Jutila Mänttä, Finland


height at withers 65 cm


weight 36 kg


hips D2/D2


colour black


Toni had good construction, proportions and size.

Head was good form and size. Toni level bite and  missing 3 teeth.

Front angulations were rather good and chest was large enough. Ribcage could have been little deeper.

Angulations behind were also rather good. Double dewclaws were correct, but set rather high. Feet turned out. Tail was short.

Coat was of quite good colour, texture, quantity and length.


Toni's hips were not good (D2/D2), but they didn't ever really bother him. Maybe he didn't jump as agile as my other dogs with healthy hips. Toni's elbows were not X-rayed an eyes checked.

Toni had very sensible stomach. Allergies were not tested, but I left away from his food  wheat and red meat among others. Toni passed away of internal bleeding at the age of 9, The vet suggested that the reason was livercancer (he was not opened). That might somewhat explain his indigestion.


Toni was glad, brisk and brave. He liked people, especially children and liked to be in lap and scratched. Among other dogs Toni wanted to be the king, so there became brawl with dogs. Bitches on the other hand were nice friends. Toni was always ready for a walk and loved snow and balls. Only thing Toni was afraid of were flies. He hided them under tables or beds. And the vacuum cleaner was also quite horrible.


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