Toni's interests

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Toni didn't like to be at shows, so we went only a couple of times. Best result was CC and third best dog.


We trained obedience with the local club quite many years, but Toni was not able to concentrate when there were other dogs around so later we trained by ourselves and just for our own pleasure.


We took a short course and trained about one year, but stopped it because Toni was too interested in other dogs and run from the track every now and then. Toni also had bad hips, so I gave up.


We learned tracking mainly with goodies. We also tried to learn to find mushrooms, but Toni was more interested in the other smells in the forests. Balls were Toni's favourite toys, but he wouldn't hold rubber ones, nor any other rubber toys. In the summer Toni liked to swim.


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Updated 14.10.2007
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