Helsinki 11.12.2010

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Helsinki Winner 2010

Judge Abderrahim El Baroudi, Morocco

19 briards


Best dog, CACIB, BOS, HEW-10 Teenager Moravia Campanella Champion class EXC/1
2nd best dog, RES CACIB Boondock's It's In My Hat Open class EXC/1
3rd best dog, CAC, HEJW-10 Boondock's James In Jeans Junior class EXC/1
4th best dog, RES CAC Boondock's Jump-Gump-Jump Junior class EXC/2
  Cartier Monzerat Matador Junior class EXC/3
  Boondock's It Just Hap'n Open class EXC/2
  Smooth Breeze Ford Ranchero Open class EXC/3
  Catweazle aux pattes velues Open class EXC/4
  Black Valiant's Orthon Open class EXC
  Kirmix Don Carlos Champion class EXC/2


Best bitch, CAC, BOB, HEJW-10, HEW-10 Boondock's Job For The Boys Junior class EXC/1
2nd best bitch, CACIB, RES CAC Monami Pour Toujours Grazia Champion class EXC/1
3rd best bitch, RES CACIB Zhamanen Ylang Ylang Open class EXC/1
4th best bitch Kirmix Celeste l'Amour Open class EXC/2
  Cartier Monzerat Mystique Junior class EXC/2
  Boondock's Just A Wow-Factor Junior class EXC/3
  Kannusruohon Hopeasinisiipi Open class EXC/3
  Cartier Monzerat Ritha Open class VG/4
  Black Valiant's O'Smooth Breeze Open class VG


Best breeder Kennel Boondock's Breeder class 1, HP

Photos Harri Puranen


BOB Boondock's Job For The Boys and BOS Teenager Moravia Campanella


BOB breeder kennel Boondock's
(It's In My Hat, Jump-Gump-Jump, Job For The Boys, James In Jeans)



Junior class

Boondock's James In Jeans


Boondock's Jump-Gump-Jump


Cartier Monzerat Matador


Open class

Black Valiant's Orthon


Boondock's It Just Hap'n


Boondock's It's In My Hat


Catweazle aux pattes velues


Smooth Breeze Ford Ranchero


Champion class

Kirmix Don Carlos


Teenager Moravia Campanella



Junior class

Boondock's Job For The Boys


Boondock's Just A Wow-Factor


Cartier Monzerat Mystique


Open class

Black Valiant's O'Smooth Breeze


Cartier Monzerat Ritha


Kannusruohon Hopeasinisiipi


Kirmix Celeste l'Amour


Zhamanen Ylang Ylang


Champion class

Monami Pour Toujours Grazia

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