Puppy diary

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6 months

A new year and the puppies are over six months old. Two are still home and they have grown a lot.  25.1.2009 Hohtovaskinen was 39,4 kg and 60,5 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 32,3 kg and 58,5 cm. They could ease a little so that they'll won't become giants.

The year changed nicely. They didn't fear the fireworks, but to be safe we stayed indoors during the worst war.

We have been to showtraining a couple of times and to puppy obedience too. At home we haven't been training too much, but we have also moved to train outdoors and have been using suitable fields here and there. It works everywhere with the help of meatballs.

Our main hobby has been walking and free as much as is possible because walking three not always so well behaving big dogs isn't the easiest job.


5 months

Christmas is over, presents opened, ham and casseroles eaten and even the christmas tree is still up. Balls and ribbons have been played with every now and then. And some branches tasted a little.

On Christmas Day 25.12. puppies were 5 months old and measured again: Hohtovaskinen 32,5 kg, 58 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 26,4 kg, 56 cm.

Mostly we have just been walking out and trying to cope with the mother's heat. Heikki has been a little interested, but we have been able to walk together, the mother though in leach even in the forest. And now the best days are over and the worst behind.

As Christmas gift the puppies dropped their canines and during Christmas also the rest of the puppy teeth. And all permanet teeth are to be seen. Some, like the new canines are still small, but they are coming.

Sulo (Hopeakoisa) visited before Christmas. He is also a big boy. He has about the same amount of fur like the blue ones here. Sulo was a bit darker and his eyes probably remain grey.


20 weeks

Siblings Hohtovaskinen and Hopeasinisiipi are still keeping their mother company. Eating and growing: 5.12. Hohtovaskinen 29,6 kg, 55 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 24,2 kg, 53,5 cm and 13.12. Hohtovaskinen 30,8 kg, 56 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 25,1 kg, 54,5 cm.

Siru (Hallakorri) was here over a week when her owners were abroad. She left home today. Poor little thing had rather dull time, because she was not able to play with her siblings due to her broken leg. She had grown a lot and had much more hair than these blue ones.

On Sunday 7.12. Surri (Harmaasurri) and his owner Sini visited us. Surri was laso a big boy, though his hair was a little shorter than what the blue ones here have. They had good news, the vet had said that his both testicles are now down. And I felt them too, when I inspected. Lets hope they'll stay down. Surri played with his siblings in the back yard. It was nice to wrestle especially with the sister.

Hopeasinisiipi was about to move to Denmark, but it was cancelled, because the buyers found it too expensive and difficult. I may give her or her brother up, if I find a home good enough, but it becomes harder the longer they stay here.

Mostly we have been walking and playing in the forest, because with three dogs the walks in leach are not so nice and I don't seem to have enough time and energy to walk them one by one. Yesterday the puppies though had a little walk in the center of the town one by one. Hohtovaskinen has been a couple of times in the puppy obedience school and  Hopeasinisiipi was in the show training last week. We have also been to the dog path a couple of times and tonight I took them there without their mother. Other dogs were at first little frightening, but then it was so nice to play with them that I had to drag them away in a leach or they would not have come. We had to leave mother home for a reason. Sini became to season last Thursday 11.12. Now she cannot go to the company of other dogs. The timing was good because we have a Christmas break in training. Fortunately Siru also left today so that I can keep the mother in different room than his son. Probably he doesn't know what to do yet, but it's better to be ware. I even got a lock to the kitchen door, because little mister handy has learned to open it by jumping to the handle.


18 weeks

On Tuesday the puppies became 4 months old. Two are left here at home, but on Friday the measuring day there were still three: Hohtovaskinen 27,9 kg, 54 cm, Hohtosinisiipi and Hopeasinisiipi 23,3 kg, 52 cm.

We got more snow in the beginning of the week so that it was about 50 cm. The paths in the forest were blocked and so a couple of evenings we went to the dogpath instead of our normal walks in the forest. At least there were trampled paths and even ploughed on the other evening. In the end of the week the weather got warmer and the snow melted on Friday just by watching. Now we can walk in the forest paths again, but it is so wet and dirty.

Hohtosinisiipi left to Tampere yesterday and from there today towards Rovaniemi. Two very quiet siblings were left here to miss her.Today they have been a bit more brisky. In the morning on the dogpath and especially when we came towards home through the forest they teased the golden retriever Jaakko together with their mother. And the little girl would have left with Jaakko and his owner. Today I took the puppies for a walk in the center of the town. First one by one and then together. They also  visited the elevator of the office where I work in the start of the first walk. They walked quite well alone, but they did walk more briskly together.

There have both good and bad news from the other puppies. Martti's (Harmonirkko) gallop rhythm had levelled by the second vaccination and now all the puppies that had gallop rhythm are ok. Surri (Harmaasurri) still has only one testicle down. But there's still hope that the other is coming. Sulo (Hopeakoisa) had a little wound in his paw, but it has healed well. Poor Siru (Hallakorri) broke her leg and it had to be operated. The little girl has to be in rest now. Get well and be patient.


17 weeks

Soon the puppies will bee 4 months old. On Friday they were measured again: Hohtovaskinen 26 kg, 53 cm, Hohtosinisiipi 21,7, kg, 51 cm ja Hopeasinisiipi 21,7 kg, 51 cm. They begun to change teeth last week, but I forgot to mention it.

Hopeasinisiipi was first to start obedience school on Tuesday. It was a bit scary because it was indoors and there were so many strange dogs. We managed to do little something though.

On Wednesday morning there was something odd and white on the ground. The boy was too busy to go to pee that he didn't notice, but the girls sniffed in wonder and lifted their paws. On Thursday we got more snow and then it was really fun. And today it has been a real snowstorm, so now we have lots of snow and from the walk in the forest I got home four snowmen.

We have been to the local dogpath to get to know other dogs. On Tuesday in the dark hours it didn't go well, because Hopeasinisiipi got scared of the dog pack that came to sniff us into the dark forest path and she run into the forest. Luckily the little one knew the way home. Yesterday and today we went in the morning when it was light and got to know some dogs. They were little scary at first, but then the puppies dared to ask them to play. Did not succeed in it very well thoug.


16 weeks

And again the puppies have been growing. Measurings today: Hohtovaskinen 24,6 kg, 52 cm, Hohtosinisiipi 20,5 kg, 50 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 20,5 kg, 49 cm. Not any more much smaller than their mother. And they are strong. Today we went to the vet and I had to work hard not to be pulled away. They pulled after all people and when we came out of the vet, they pulled away from the car. There would have been so many interesting things to be sniffed that it was not at all nice to go to the car.

So today they got the second vaccination. They were very brisk and this time none of them peed to the floor. They didn't notice the vaccination, because the vet gave them goodies. She said that they have nice temperaments and that they are very healthy. The are charming, but at this kind of weather usually annoying dirty when they friendly rush to be patted. Even I didn't like it very much when today the whole pack hopped on me when Sini pulled me to sit on the ground on a slippery wooden bridge.

Hohtosinisiipi finally found her own home. She'll travel to north after two weeks to accompany Ronja briard. Till then we try to manage with the pack of four. Hoping for drier more winterly weather, and fearing the slippery roads. Which is better: wet and dark or drier, lighter, but probably more slippery.


15 weeks

The puppies have been growing steadily. On Friday 31.10. Hohtovaskinen  21 kg, 48 cm, Hohtosinisiipi 17 kg, 46 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 18 kg, 46 cm and on Friday 7.11. Hohtovaskinen 23,2 kg, 50 cm, Hohtosinisiipi 18,3 kg, 48 cm and Hopeasinisiipi 19,4 kg, 48 cm.  Still giants. Food tastes and in the forest they get muscles. Today I watched that they begin to keep in Sini's speed rather well, especially the girls. The male is heavier and maybe a bit clumsier.

Leather bones are great, but they have found also other use for their teeth. A couple of 'teddybears' have lost their fillings an a week ago they had eaten about 10 x 10 cm hole to my leather sofa and tasted the leg of a wooden chair. Still very small, but bigger is propably to come when they begin to change teeth and also get older, bigger and more energetic. It would be very nice to find homes for those 'extra' ones soon.

Last Sunday Siru (Hallakorri) came to visit. The puppies didn't seem to remember each other any more, but the mother did recognize her daughter. We went to the forest together and Siru was a bit shy at first, but after a while started to play with the others. She was about the same size as the others, but more furry. In the picture she is in speed with the almost as furry Hopeasinisiipi.

One evening last week I took the pack to town by car and everyone went to a little walk in the leach by alone. It went well even though they have not been to the town since they were very small. We have here nearby a small shopping center and cars and people, so we don't live  in the backwoods. But they get to the walks alone too seldom. Don't seem to have enough time and energy.

Yesterday I started to deworm them, because soon it's time to get the vaccination again. After that it's more free to be amongst the other dogs and we can attend the organized trainings too.


13 weeks

The ones that are still here at home seem to become giants. On Friday I weighed them again and Hohtovaskinen weighed already 19 kg and his height at withers was about 45 cm. Of the bitches Hohtosinisiipi weighed 15,2 kg and her height was about 44 cm. Hopeasinisiipi was about the same height, but weighed 16,5 kg. I have received information on the weights of some of the ones that have left for their own homes and they have weighed somewhat less. The puppies were 3 months old yesterday and they now get food three times a day.

Walking all together on leach and in the forest have continued. And there is enough speed. On a couple of nights I have also walked a little with every one alone. It's a bit difficult, because they don't want to go alone.

I have also continued clicker training. First looking at me and now we have begun to get to know the metallic stick. First just to touch it. Little steps.

The ones that have left have also been vaccinated. The puppies that had gallop rhythm had now normal rhythm all but Martti (Harmonirkko). He had slight gallop rhythm. During the last check he did not have it any more. The little one has probaply been a little excited again. We'll check it during the next vaccination. Also Surri (Harmaasurri) seem to have hope with the testicles. One had been almost down and the other was felt in the groin. We'll keep thumbs up.


12 weeks

The puppies have been growing a lot. The three still here weighed on Friday: the dog 17 kg and the bitches 15,2 and 14,6 kg. The smaller bitch has grown more quickly and the larger one more slowly. I also tried to measure the height at withers. The dog was about 44 cm and the bitches 42-43 cm. The ones that are out in the world have also been eating well and growing.

On Friday the puppies got also their first vaccination. It went well, except that the dog peed on the vet's floor. Boys are.

This week we have been all together in the forest almost every day. At times it has been a bit difficult to walk the motherdog and three puppies in the leach to the forest, but we have managed. And it is so nice to run over there. The puppies run rather well after Sini. Today I walked them in the leach one at a time for a change and yesterday one by one with Sini.

I have not actually started to train the puppies yet, but I have been getting them used to the clicker for a couple of days.

And then a clean picture of the clean company during the walk in the forest on Friday.


11 weeks

Puppies are already 11 weeks and soon it's time to go to the vet again, this time for vaccination. On Friday the weighing day there were still 4 puppies at home, 2 dogs and 2 bitches. The dogs weighed 14,5 and 15,1 kg and the bitches 12,5 and 14,4 kg. They are growing fast. The fur has also grown a little, but they are no cute furballs except Hopeasinisiipi. On Friday and also on Saturday and Sunday they we dewormed. On Friday one of the dogs left for his own home, so there are girls ruling. Only one boy left.

We have continued to walk in the leach in various combinations. Two puppies have even had the chance to walk alone. Should do that more, but there doesn't seem to be enough time. On Wednesday we drove again to the forests near Kalalampi and yesterday when there were only 3 puppies left, we went with the help of Harri to the forest near us. We have to walk there on leach, so I will not take all of them there on my own. And today we went to pick cranberries again. This time we took my mother with us. Two puppies got bored again and went towards the car on their own.


10 weeks

On Friday the puppies were 10 weeks and 5 puppies were still rampaging at home. One left in the evening after work so only 4 went to the scale, 2 of both sexes. Both dogs weighed 13,5 kg and bitches 11,0 and 12,2 kg.

Walks in the leach continued in pairs. One at their time got to go with the mother though. Thursday was specially miserable, because it rained so much. The puppies walked briskly despite the rain, but all and everywhere were wet and dirty.

Today we went to the forest again. This time we picked cranberries. It was a bit wet and so slow that the puppies tended to go their own way or run after their mother.


9 weeks

On Thursday the puppies were 2 months and on Friday 9 weeks. Six were again weighed, dogs  weighed 11,4 - 11,7 kg and bitches 9,6 - 10,8 kg. We also took some photos.

On Tuesday I took the ones with gallop rhythm (Hallakorri and Harmonirkko) to a vet that specialises in heart diseases. With two dogs the trip was a lot calmer than with eleven and now also these two had normal rhythms. The vet said that the gallop rhythm was probably caused by excitement. She also said that Harmonirkko's naval hernia is now so small that it doesn't need an operation, but if it grows with the dog, it may need.

Last week I was back to work. In the lunch hour I came home to feed the puppies and let them out to the yard for a while. Walking in the leach we have this week trained mainly in pairs. On Sunday I took also Sini with the first two pairs, but the third pair went without her, because I couldn't take the rampage any longer. On Thursday we went to the forest near Kalalampi and today I took to blue five and Sini little further to pick red whortleberries. The last fawn one, Siru, left to her own home yesterday. I have received messages and photos from the ones that have left earlier and all have adapted well.


8 weeks

On Friday the puppies were 8 weeks old and The 6 remaining were weighed and photographiered again. Dogs weighed all 9,5 kg and bitches Hohtosinisiipi 7,9 kg and the other two 8,8 kg. In the evening we trained walking in leach one by one and some of them  got to know the noise of the garbagetruck at that trip.

Still no news of the gallop rhythm. Next week I'll try to get a time to another vet. Yesterday I also noticed that Harmonirkko too has a small naval hernia. It was not noticed during the vet's examination. Hysterically I examined all the others, but found nothing. In the evening Hopeakoisa made me worry by slobbering and coughing. I checked his mouth and throat as good as I could, but found nothing. So it didn't seem like something stuck in. Then I thought of kennel cough that has been around, I've heard. He could have caught it in the vet a week ago. He didn't cough all the time and ate in the evening and it seemed to calm the cough, so I desided to watch for today. Early in the morning I woke up as he was coughing again and I gave him litlle food. After that he has not coughed or slobbered. Obviously it was something irritating in the throat that went down with the food.

A new toy that got stuck with me when I fetched food.


almost 8 weeks

The whole week we have been waiting for more information on the gallop rhythm. The vet called on Tuesday, but only to tell that she had not found proper information and had tried to contact a heart specialist, but had not reached her yet. She promised to call later. Those four puppies have been the same as the other puppies. Two of them have already left to their new homes (Haivensysinen and Hietahepokatti) and two still rampage here (Hallakorri and Harmonirkko).

This week we have been to the forest again on Tuesday and today Thursday. And it has been nice. Yesterday I took the puppies to the ceter of the town. Everyone took a little walk one by one while the others waited in the car.

Today the people who had reserved the blue bitch called and said that they can't take her now. So one bitch (Hohtosinisiipi) is again looking for new home. The dogs looking for home are Harmonirkko (gallop rhythm) and Hopeakoisa (small naval hernia, probably cilia aberranta). Besides them I'll place Hopeasinisiipi or Hohtovaskinen to a suitable home that is interested in shows. The other one stays home as a nuisance to Sini.


7 weeks

On Friday 12.9. the puppies were 7 weeks old and went to the scale again. Dogs weighed 6,8 - 7,8 kg and bitches 6,0 - 7,1 kg. They were also dewormed third time, this time with Flubenol pills, because the paste would have needed quite much and it could have been messy. Almost all liked the taste of the pills at first time and ate them happily from my hand. At the second time all liked them, even the mother. And today they got the third portion.

On Wednesday I got the bill for the registration from the kennel club. We still wait for the register certificates, but on Friday the litter was in the KoiraNet.

On Friday we also went to the veterinary for examination and to put the microchips. It was quite a job to take them to the car and out in the both ends. And the room in the cage was less than on Monday in the trip to the forest, because the puppies had grown. Four puppies (3 bitches and one dog) were all well. One dog had only one testicle and one didn't have either one. One dog had a small naval hernia, but the vet said that it didn't need any operation. He also had inflammation in the ears. Two dogs and two bitches had slight gallop rhythm in the heart and one bicth of them had slightly red ears and ear-wax. The vet said that the gallop rhythm could also be due to excitement. She promised to look for more information and phone me on Monday.

On Saturday Sini closed the milkbar. There is still milk, but puppies are not wanted in. On Saturday also the first three puppies left to their new homes and today left the fourth. Seven still remains, so it is not yet very quiet and calm.


6 weeks

On Friday 5.9. the puppies were 6 weeks old and were weighed again. This time with my personal scale. The dogs weighed 6,0 - 6,4 kg and the bitches 5,2 - 6,1 kg.

Gardening in the backyard has continued and they have been hard workers. All the flowers they reach have been torn. We have also had lots of visitors, almost every day. Most of them have unfortunately come only to watch the puppies. There could be more potential puppybuyers.

Yesterday first five trained to walk in the leach from home to the road and back. Today they had to all walk one by one in the leach from the road to home. We went to the woods by car. I managed to put them all in the car cage. Sini had to go to the backseat though. The trip went well, but on the way back someone had vomited. Can't tell which one.

It was fun to be in the forest, but a little too much to look after for me. They went quite fast and then someone always wanted to stay back and wonder.



5 weeks

There's a lot to do so not enough time to write. Some time during the fifth week feeding got easier, when puppies begun to eat dry puppyfood. Some times I add a little raw minced meat. Sini is also beginning to eat normal food, though somewhat more than usually and also more often.

A week ago I rang to the kennel club and asked them to change the colour of those dilemma puppies to fawn. They still have quite a lot grey, but clearly they won't become all grey. It'll be interesting to see how they develope.

Outdoor activities in the backyard have continued at least once a day, usually more. They are becoming very active gardeners.

On Friday the 29th when the puppies were 5 weeks, I weighed and dewormed them. It was a bit difficult because they weighed more than my kitchen scale weighes (limit 3 kg) and less than my personal scale weighes. So I had to weigh myself alone and then with a puppy. So the results are not very accurate and then also the battery of the scale become worn out, so the rest were dewormed by a rough estimate. Dogs weighed about 3,6 - 4,5 kg and bitches 3,1 - 3,9 kg.

At weeked came the first puppybuyers to visit us and we have also had a couple of other visitors. On Sunday I put the puppybox away and after that the puppies have spend their time in the livingroom and kitchen. I myself have a little enclosure around this computer.

Nice lapdogs, but the nose of the poor breeder is in danger to be eaten and also other parts of the body - and hair and clothes are in danger to be ripped.


4 weeks

It has been a busy week. On Saturday the puppies started to eat puppyfood from a bowl. All ate well, but at first they got a little stomach ache and then the intestine begun to work fast, so there has been a lot of cleaning to do. They have also been drinkin water from a bowl and so there's also been liquid excretion. Dogs weighed 2778 - 3072 g and bitches 2388 - 2863 g.

Since Tuesday the puppies have been also out of the puppy box in the kitchen and livingroom. And on Thursday they were finally able to go out to the backyard. They all have been very active in the new palces, thoug there has been little differences in their courage. Most of the time they still spend in the puppy box, mainly sleeping. Toys have also begun to interest more and the legs of the pants.

I have clipped their nails once a week and on Wednesday they got to know the comb. Thoug there's nothing to comb yet, but just to get used to it.

And those three odd coloured ones still give the poor breeder grey hairs. Hallakorri is rather greyish, but I still can't say for sure her colour, it can also turn to fawn. And the two others are even more difficult.


3 weeks

A week has passed and the puppies have grown and developed. Dogs weighed 1710 - 1870 g and bitches 1550-1830 g (approximate weights, because weighing doesn't succeed very well any more). They still mostly sleep and eat, but playing has increased clearly. On Thursday I gave them the first toy: a robe with knots, but they prefer wrestling with each other.

On Tuesday we begun to taste minced meat. At the first time Hietahepokatti didn't eat it, but the next time he ate also. Some like it more than others. After that they have had a little bit of minced meat in the beginning of every meal and only after that nursing. Since Tuesday nursing has been in two turns, because Sini didn't want to go to the puppy box when the whole pack attacked her at once. There are not enough teats for everyone, and those who didn't get any, sucked somewhere between. Now there's girls turn and boys turn and every other time girls get first and every other boys. Well Sini has a couple of times nursed them in the puppy box also after that.

On Thursday I noticed that Hietahepokatti had his first teeth and on the others they were also easy to feel. So that also diminishes Sini's eagerness to nurse them.

Today I dewormed the puppies for the first time. It went surprisingly well, though I was afraid that the Canex-paste would be everywhere else but in the mouths of the puppies.



2 weeks

Eyes are open and the puppies are trying to walk. It still is rather staggering, but gets better every day. They sit well and today it seemed like some are beginning to play with each other. First growls I also heard this week. Today I elevated the door way of the puppy box, because soon the puppies would have come over it. They already glimb over the safety bars. Most of the time they still sleep and eat. Sini has so far fed them, but soon she'll need help in it.

I clipped the nails first time on Tuesday and soon have to do it again. The puppies have been growing well. The dogs weighed today Friday 1258-1419 g and the biches 1132-1379 g. There's dispersion, but all have still grown quite well. The development of the colours in the three most light and brown ones has been exciting. I did make them all blue to the registration papers. And they have gotten more grey. Hallakorri most clear, also Haivensysinen is yet rather gery and even Hietahepokatti has slowly begun to become more grey.

We have had our first visitoirs this week. On Sunday came my mother and today she had my niece Annu with her. At least those familiar visitors Sini seemed to accept well.


11 days

There's already quite a swarm in the puppy box when Sini steps in. With tottering steps puppies try to be first in the teats. You can't really call it walking yet, but they surely try. The eyes are also beginning to peak from the biggest puppies. I have not weighed them today, because it starts to be quite difficult (do not want to stay on the scale), but yesterday they weighed 872-1131 g. Yesterday puppies also got new ribbons.

Last weekend Sini moved to eat out of the puppy box and during the past days we have also took a little longer walks. Yesterday I went to work again. During the lunch hour I can come to check that everything is well and to feed Sini. Mummy needs now lots of food and often so that there's enough milk for the puppies.

When asked, I tried to take a picture of the puppies in a row. Didn't succeed better than this without helping hands. Other shoots can be seen in the puppies picturegallery.


1 week

A week has gone and the puppies have been eating well and growing. They weighed today from 756 g to 934 g. Today I sent an announcement for registration of the litter to Finnish Kennel club, so it's time to publice the names of the bug-litter. They and new pictures of puppies are on Litters-page.

Sini has started to spend rahter much time out of the puppy box. She goes to see when the puppies are crying, but enjoys also a time of her own. Her food is still served to puppy box, but she drinks water also elsewhere.


3 days

Still alive all even though it's tough. The weight of the two last born puppies went down at first and some other grew rather little at first, but today it seemed better. Sini has been an excellent mother, but I have helped a little the smallest ones to get to the teats.

Last night Sini got diarrhea and we had to go out + to the shower every two hours. I dis know the risk of eating the palcenta, but I was not able tho prevent it well enough. So still not much sleep. Today Sini has been to a little longer walks and i dared to take a short trip to shop.


1 day

No more puppies came, so now there are 11. Puppies are all well, eat and sleep and Sini has strength to feed and take care of them at least so far.


59 d from mating

Like I expected the puppies were born today. The first girl was born into the puppybox (not to the backyard or bed, though they were also tried) early in the mornig at 4.40 o'clock and weighed  463 g (or something like that, I'n not so good at weighing). The firs boy came after an hour 5.45 and weighed 556 g. The there was two hours break and at  7.45 came second boy 581 g. At 9.05 came girl 520 g and 9.35 and 9.50 boys 525 and 550 g. The seventh was a girl at 10.35, 528 g. Then I thought they were there. Sini wanted out and we went for a pee and the puppies were cryinig in the puppybox. But no, at 12.50 came the fourth girl 553 g and at 14.25 a small boy 440 g. There's quite enough. Little updating. That would have been enough, but so far (21.30) there has become still two evening stars: at 19.40 fifth girl  476 g and at 20.30 sixth boy 635 g!

7 first

Here is also the eigth.

Are some of them wildboar puppies, because they are so striped.

Nine first without a flash.

And with a flash.


58 d from mating

Sini has not yet divided. Today at 16.15 her temperature was slightly below 37 degrees (36.97) and then begun to rise again (37.58 at 18.30). She has not eaten much today  and a little after five o'clock she tried to dig a nest in the backyard under a rosebush. I guess the puppies will come tomorrow if not sooner. Or actually the first one seemed to have already come and at 19.15 was all licked clean and lying as a pillow for the satisfied mother on the bed. The colour was surprisingly fawn, but maybe we'll get some blue ones too.


54 d from mating

Sini's tummy is already rather big and awkward. The walks have got shorter still and more slowly, but we try to walk a little anyway. Food goes down, but only seasoned with goodies. You can feel something moving in the tummy. The night before yesterday I begun to measure Sini's temperature. It has been around 38 degrees.


46 d from mating

The car cage is finally assembled and we tried it today. It is for two dogs, but I left off the partition. There's no room for two bluewhales, not well even one. And even that I had to push from behind when she was not able to jump with her stomach. She walks very slowly, but today in the forest she even run a little after a bird or something. Sini still has good appetite, but the pups seem to weigh in her stomach.


43 d from mating

Tummy and teats are already quite big and walking rather lazy. Luckily the summer has been quite cool so far. I hope that the weather will stay about the same. Carcage is still waiting to be assembled.


42 d from mating

The amateur copy of the five star puppy box is finally finished. Sini has been dewormed and today she begun to shift to the puppy meal (Royal Canin Maxi  Babydog Ultra Sensible). It seems to taste well like everything else does also. Today I also fetched the new fine carcage, but trhere are no pictures of it, because it waits to be assembled in a box in the back of the car.


35 d from mating

Teats and tummy have clearly grown. Sini tries to show then lying on the bed. Yesterday I bought the material for the puppy box.


31 d from mating

Today ultrasound showed that Sini is expecting puppies. The vet estimated 6-8. A bit difficult to see, but at least there were more than 2.


26 d from mating

The teats have grown a little and turned reddish and there also seems to be something extra in the tummy. Sini's appetite in the mornings have been poor during the last days.


16 d from mating

Heat is over, but today there was little dark bleeding. Could that be a sign of pregnancy. Appetite has been good and Sini has been rather calm and keen for affection.


In the morning Sini didn't turn off her tail any more, so the rigth days are propably over. It was confirmed in the evening when we met Sini's great attraction poodle Roger. She wasn't interested in him at all this time.  So there was only the one mating.


26.5. we drove after work to Kangasala to meet Huuru and the playing continued. Sini would have been ready to be mated, just like yesterday, but Huuru was not interested. It begun to feel rather desperate. Because some males are very strict of the right day, we made a new trip on 27.5. This time (16th heat day) the mating finally happened.


The first date with Huuru during this heat in Hamina fortification. Playing, but nothin else.


Progesterone test was taken yesterday and I got the results today. It was only 0,6 so there's no hurry to meet Huuru. Maybe in Sunday when we meet in the Hamina dog show the time will be right.


Sini came to heat today. I noticed it just after our obedience training. Earlier today I visited Royal Canin dog food presentation and learned that they had special food for the bitches that are going to have puppies. Now we'll need it sooner than I thought.


Updated 10.02.2009
Tuula Tanska