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Run free my love

Game time to let go the dearest of all - Helmi. The difficulties to move because of arthrosis and also breething begun to be difficult, obviously because of tumors. Thank you dear for these 11 years! Now you can run without pain with mother Sini and brother Heikki.


Hamina international show Tuuli: CAC, CACIB and BOS.


And again with Tuuli at unofficial agility competition. We were last.


Unofficial rally competiton in Kouvola. Tuuli was second in novice class with 92 points and Helmi got no result in open class with 55 points.


Again with Tuuli at unofficial agility competition. We were last.


Tuuli's back was Xrayed and it was oki: LTV 0, SP 0 ja VA 0.
New pictures from the hips too and same result C/C.


With Tuuli at unofficial agility competition. We were last.


Tuuli 2 years.


Helmi at rally in  Kouvola. We got third result innovice class with 77 points and RTK1 with a medal. We placed 12th..


With Tuuli in Lohja in MH character description. We got it through.


The last show this year in Porvoo. Tuuli in youth class EXC 1 CQ BB2 and RES CAC.


Tuuli in Riihimäki international show in youth class EXC 1 CQ BB1 CAC CACIB and BOS.


In Kouvola show Tuuli in youth class EXC 1 CQ PN2 and RES CAC, Helmi in veteran class EXC 1 CQ BB3 and BOB veten. This was a good time to finish Helmis's show career and she lost her hair next day.


Briard special show in Paimio. Tuuli VG 4 in intermediate class and Helmi started veteran class with G, because she would not move properly in the ring.


It's again timo for goodbyes. Saaga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) was put to sleep because of a big tumor in her thigh. Tough and happy Saaga survived many troubles and can now run free. Thaks to Tuija and Visa for giving the best home to Saaga and strength in your crieving.


Helmi and other the Kannusruohon H-puppies that still are among us 8 years. Happy birthday!

18. & 21.7.2016

Helmi's brother Surri visited Kouvola and we went for a walk in two evenings. Tuuli was also with us even though she is not in the photo.


Unofficial rally competiton in Kouvola. Tuuli was in traine's class fourth with 91 ppoints and Helmi had the same placement in novice class with 84 points.


Briards working and playing day in Tampere Tuuli tried again palying.


The windy day in Kotka international show was Tuuli's day: CAC, CACIB and BOS.



Tuuli's first unofficial agility competition was moustly headless running. Everybody else had fun but me. We were last.


In Hamina international show Tuuli was first time in intermediate class and she was second best bitch with CAC and RES CACIB which will turn into CACIB.


Our first show this year in Helsinki Tuomarinkartano. Tuuli got CAC and was BOS.



Again one of the litter has gone. Sulo (Kannuruohon Hopeakoisa) was put to sleep. Sulo had trouble in stomach and hips and his behaviour was also erratic and at times aggressive. It was the best decision because of his owner's  situtation in life.


Tuuli was x-rayed. Hips C/C and elbows 0/0.


Tuuli 1 year.


Visited our cabin in Sippola.


Good girls got lots of presents.


5. and 6.12.2015

Tuuli at her first official shows in junior class in Helsinki 5.12. G and 6.12. VG.


With Helmi in Heinola at rally test no result with 63 points.


Helmi's rally test in Kouvola. Novice class 85 points and placement 12.


We spend the weekend at briard autumn camp learning tracking and Tuuli also a littyle agility.


Tuuli BOB puppy in Porvoo dog show.


Helmi got gold particles into her hips (acupuncture).

22. and 23.8.2015

Tuuli in both Kouvola and Heinola dog show BOB puppy.


Tuuli in Kotka international show second in puppy class.


Tuuli in Luumäki puppy show BOB.


Helmi and her sisters and brothers 7 years today. Happy birthday to all!


Tuuli in Iitti puppy show BOB and BIG 2.


Helmi's first rally test in Kouvola. Novice class 80 points and placement 14.


The briard special show in Uurainen. Tuuli was first in small puppies with HP, second in female puppies. Helmi VG in open class, because she should have moved more brisk.


Unofficial rally test: Tuuli trainer's class 81 points and 4th place, Helmi novice class 93 points and the placement about 4-6.


Helmi and Tuuli participated the herding day for briards in Somero.


The official result of Helmi's back was ok.


Helmi's back was Xrayed and also hips and elbows were checked. The vet said that her back looked and elbows looked ok, but in shoulders was a little arthrosis and the arthrosis in the hips was bad. We got Carthropren injections for the hips and got time to physiotherapist.


Helmi got a new friend when little cute Tuuli (Tosselin Vinkeä Vimma) moved to live with us.


The bloat got again another victim, when Siru (Kannusruohon Hallakorri) was put to sleep because of the bad damages in tissue. Farewell Siru, give my regards to your mother Sini  and brothers! Warm sympathy and strength to Katalin and Jukka!


We also went to the dog show in Kouvola. And in two weeks Helmi had turned from excellent to good. She had so many faults.


We went with Helmi to Helsinki to the World Dog Show. She was excellent.


Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) came to live with us for a few moths while his owner works abrod.


Kannusruohon H-puppies are 6 years old. Warm congratulations to everyone!


The briard special in Harjavalta. A beutiful summer day and to my surprise Helmi was 4th in the open class wit EXC and CK.


We started in May a new interest with Helmi: rally. We went to a course. At the "final test" we got 95 points out of 100 and decided to go to the unofficial test. It went well and we got 97 points in the trainer's class and were placed third and the same points in the novice class and were placed eigth.


Helmi's brother Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) visited us with his owner Sini.


Bloat news again. Saaga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) got bloat, but she got to the vet in time and seems to survive. Get well brave little patient!


Shows cantinued in Kotka. The judge didn't like Helmi's movement, so she got EXC 1. But she was photgraphed by a professional photographer Pekka Vainio, Harri's acquaintance.


We started the dog shows this year with Helmi in Hamina. She got EXC 1 HP and was 2nd best bitch with RESCACIB which will change to CACIB because the best bitch Netta is C.I.E.


God looked around his garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth and saw your suffering face.
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain.
He knew that you would never get well on this earth again.
So he closed your weary eyelids and whispered "Peace be thine".
It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone.
For part of us went with you, the day God called you home.

Dear sweet and joyfull Sini passed away having one of the hardest states: bloat. Thank you dear of all the wonderfull and brisk years. We miss you so much with Helmi. Take good care of the boys over the rainbow bridge.


Helmi's last show this year in Lahti. The result was like bellow open class VG 2.

8. & 14.9.2013

Two shows with Helmi: 8.9. Vantaa and 14.9. Porvoo. The result in both open class VG 1.


Helmi and her sisters and brothers already 5 years old. Big congratulations everybody!


The briard special in Järvenpää. Helmi VG in open class and Sini for the first time in veteran class with G (no coat).


Helmi in dog show in Kotka. The result was the same as in Hamina:  EXC 2 HP and 2nd best bitch with RESCACIB.


Sini 8 years - congratulations!


We went with Helmi to a dog show to Hamina. She got EXC 2 HP and was 2nd best bitch with RESCACIB.


The first and obviously also the last agility competition this year here in Kouvola. Sini got 15 from both the jumptrack and the agilitytrack, placements 8. and 10. Helmi was slow like always. On the jumptrack result 57,55, placement 11. The agilitytrack we didn't finnish because Helmi crashed so bad to the barrier.


Ryti (Kannusruohon Harmokallokas) left to the rainbow bridge 4.12.2012. He had a tumor in his muzzle. Farewell Ryti and my sympathy and strength to Riikka!


Again we drove to Kotka to an agility competition and I'm glad that we did. We got with Sini from the agilitytrack our second zero the result -4,09 and second place. On the jump track we were 5th with the result 10. Helmi was on the agilitytrack11th with the result 46,65 (faults 20 + overtimea) and on the jumptrack 9th with the result 56,31 (faults 30 + overtime).


Today again agility here in Kouvolassa. On jump track Helmi 10th with the result 26,84 (faults 20 + overtime) and Sini 12th with the result 37,13 (faults 35! + overtime). On agility track Helmi 12th with the result 36 (faults 25 + overtime) and Sini 11th with the result 20.


Today we continued agility competitions in Heinlahti. Two agility tracks for both and the results were ok after the summer break. On the first track Helmi was 11th with result 29,36 (10 from faults + overtime) and Sini 7th with result 15. On the second track  Helmi was 11th again with result 32,43 (15 from faults + overtime) and Sini was 4th with result 5,47 (5 from faults + overtime).


The tradiytional Kouvola dog show and Helmi was EXC 1 HP, Best bitch 1 and BOS just like last year. BOB was tihis time Kirmix Don Carlos.


Helmi and her sisters and brothers 4 years today. Big congratulations everybody!

Sini's lump was not maligne and the wound has healed well.


Sini was operated yesterday. The operation went well and now we are waiting for the pathologist's raport of the lump. Yesterday Sini mainly sleeped but this morning she was brisk again. But we were told to take it easy and take at least a month break in agility.

The patient in her summer dress.

And without the dress. Couldn't take a better photo, because the patient wouldn't stay still with the side facing the camera.


Briard special show Kiiminki 30.6.2012 Saaga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) got VG in open class. Congratulations and it was very nice that you participated..

Saaga in briard special.

We missed the special this time because we represented the breed at agility breed team at Kuopiossa 1.7.2012. Sini was in the four dog team and Hekmi was a reserve dog. The other members of the team were Kati and Jumpe, Susann and Pihka and Tea and Tälli. Our team Menomopit was palced sixth in the class of competing maxi dogs, thanks to the other members of the team as you can see from the video:

Menomopit agirotu 2012 - YouTube

We also participated the dress procession, but were not prized.

Yesterday we went to the vet with Sini, because I foud a lump in her left side last week. In ultrasound it looked like it was of fatt, but in the needle sample the cells looked peculiar and the vet recommended to cut it off. On Tuesday  10.7. is the time for the operation. Let's hope the operation goes well and the lump turns out to be harmless.

The weather this summer has been variable, but we have also had sunny days so that Martti (Kannusruohon Harmonirkko) has needed sunglasses. Greetings to Martti and other pups and their families!

Martti shielding his eyes from the blazing sun.


Sini 7 years! Big congratulations little momma!


An unofficial agility competition here in Kouvola. Sini had speed, but left her ears home and we got rejected. Helmi worked with her slowly style and with the result 78,78 we got the third place. I was a bit ashamed to receive the prize flowers. My proud little agility dog.


On May 19th and 20th the agility competitions in Kotka Santalahti went with typical style and results. On Saturday Sini got rejected from the jump track and 10 from the agility track, palacement 9th. Helmi got 49,93 from the jump track, placement 5th, and rejected from the agilityn track.

On Sunday Helmi got rejected from the jump track and 51,02 from the agility track, placement 9th. Sini got 15,41 from the jump track, placement 4th. From the agility track she got 30,77 and a bit better placement than her daughter, 8th.


Today we continued agility competitions in Heinlahti. Three tracks for both and not so shiny results. On the first agilitytrack Helmi was 13th with result 55,26 (30 from faults + overtime) and Sini 11th with result 25. On the second agilitytrack both got rejected and on the jumptrack Helmi got rejected and Sini was 6th with result 10.


The agility competition in Kouvola over and no zeros this time either. From jumptrack Sini got five again and placement 4. only about one second from third place. On agilitytrack with careless guiding and dropping of fences. Result 25 and placement 15.

Helmi also started competing in agility by her typical style slowly and pondering. From jumptrack 6 dropped fences + some overtime, result  35,38 and placement 13. From agilitytrack the same amount of drops and more overtime,  50,54 and placement 17.


Started with Sini this season in agility in the evening competition in Kotka. And with not so bad results, five from both jump and agilitytracks and placements 10. and 7. The desperate zero hunt continues on Saturday here in Kouvola.


Sini was again Finnish Briard Club's  active briard 2011 (together with Nessa, Elouche del Pata Viento). At Berger de brie 2011 Sini was 2nd, agility briard 2011 3rd and  obedience briard 2011 5th. Helmi was at active briard 2011 5th and show briard 2011 16th.


Last dog shows of the year with Helmi at Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on 3. and 4.12. The usual results for us: Helsinki Winner 2011 3.12. VG and Finnish Winner 2011 4.12. G.


Stiff directing on a cold winterday at the agility competition in Kotka. From the agiltiytrack we got rejected and from the jump track 26, placement 11. And that was our last agility competition this year.


We spend Father's day with Sini in Porvoo at agility competition. Three tracks, from the first agilitytrack we got 10, placement 6. From the second agilitytrack and from the jumptrack we got rejected because I was not tight and careful enough and Sini found her way to wrong fences.


Obedience with Sini continued in Kotka. We got again first class 3 with 115 points and placement 10.


Yeterday was Helmi's character test in Tampere. She got zero points. Today she was teased other way: she was sterilized. The operation was done by laproscopy and it went well. The patient is tired, but the wound is very small.


Today the obedience competition with Sini was in Porvoo and with our usual result:  129,5 points first calss 3 and placement 12.

13.10.2011 the girls got rabies vaccination and blood samples taken, normal samples and also thyroid tests. Everything was ok, Helmi had a bit high albumin and both a bit low globulin, but nothing to worry about said the doctor.


Once again we drove to Mikkeli with Sini, this time to an obedience competition. At times fine, but also some worse moments. 146 points first class 2, placement 11.


Today we continued agility with Sini in Kotka (or in Hamina to be exact). Again 3 tracks, first jumptrack and then 2 agility tracks. Not too bad tracks, but so bad directing. From the jumptrack resutl 15, palcement 17. From the agilitytracks 10, placement 16. and 15, placement 13.

Then somewhat more unpleasant news. Again one bloat in H-litter. Last Friday in turn was Ryti (Kannusruohon Harmokallokas). Get well soon and strength to the whole family!


With Sini to Mikkeli again, now in turn was agility. 3 tracks, the first two agility, the third jump. From first track 5, placement  4. From second 10, placement 8. and from the jumptrack rejected.


A busy day today. First in the morning with Sini to Mikkeli to an obedience competition where we got first class 2 with 148 points and placement 6. From there we hurried home to get Helmi and drove to our club's agility championships. From agility track Helmi got rejected and Sini 20,65 and 5th place. From jump track also Sini got rejected so no placement at the championships.


This time agility with Sini in Lappeenranta, 3 tracks, the first two agility, the third jump. From first track we got rejected, from the second 15 and placement 14. The jump track went better, result 5 and 4th place.


On Saturday 10.9. we went with Helmi to Porvoo do show. This time the result was VG.

Today in turn was Sini and agility in Nastola. On both agilitytracks the result was same  10, and with that placement 7 on the first and 5 on the second track.


Again obedience with Sini in Imatra and in spite of the brilliant start the result was first class 3 with 124 points, placement 9.


Competing with Sini continued today with agility here in Kouvola. Not so good results, but difficult tracks because we were in agilitytrack in third place with result 10 and in the jumptrack fifth with result 15. And there were little more than 20 participants. This was our second time when we got a prize.


Today a little better obedience with Sini in Elimäki Kouvola: first class 2 with 143 points.


Obedience with Sini here in Kouvola with the worst result ever: first class 0 with 83 points.


Home show here in Kouvola where could go by foot. Helmi was in heat and teasing the boys, but got EXC 1, CK, bestbitch 1 and BOS.

The father of H-litter is now also Latvian champion and Baltian winner. Big congratulations!


Finnish Briard Club's 30 year anniversity event in Hämeenlinna Aulanko. On Saturday 6.8. the club show, where both Helmi and Sini were showed in open class. Thanks to Anna for taking Sini to the common part. Both girls presented briskly with high tails. Despite that and overweight Helmi got EXC and Sini surprised with VG. Helmi's sister  Saaga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) participated also and got Congratulations and big thanks Tuija and Visa. It was nice to see you!

Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi

On the after show party active members that had worked long for the club were rewarded and even I got thanks for my work at the results service etc. Thanks for the notice and big congratulations to the 30 years old club!

On Sunday 7.8. there was first the obedience championship competition. We participated with Sini to the first class. Not very brilliat performance, but despite that result 2 with 149 points and the last place in the high class competition.

The day continued with Finnish Selectionne.  Helmi was in Non-Selectionne class, because of her hip results. She got EXC and this time even the tail was low in the movement. Sini got VG in the open class like she did in 2006 in the intermediate class, but the detailed results and measurements differed quite a lot.


We drove with Sini to Kotka to the evening agility competition. From the first agilitytrack we got rejected, but from the second jump track we got our first clean zero result (the placement was 5.) on the way to second class. We still need two zero results and both from agilitytracks. If it takes as long to get them we'll be retired before that.


Helmi and her siblings fill today already 3 years. Warm congaratulations to the whole lot!

To Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa) also better health and quick recovery from the big operation. The reason to Sulo's weightloss and inflation was caused by pyloric stenosis which was operated less than a week ago. At the same time the badly inflated stomach that was beginning to bloat was fixed.

Sulo leaving for home with his swimming tyre.


Hot agilitycompetitions continued. On Thursday 30.6. we were with Sini at Porvoo in the evening competition. It was warm even late in the evening, but we got a result from both tracks, first from the agilitytrack 20 penalty points, placement 12. and then at the jumptrack zero was not far, result 5 penalty points, placement 4.

Today me and Sini grilled ourselves at Mikkeli during three tracks. First from the jumptrack 15 penalty points, placement 7. From the first agilitytrack 10 penalty points, placement 6. And from the second agilitytrack we got rejected..


Saaga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) started her showcareer today at Rovaniemi internetional dog show and got VG in the open class. Big congratulations Saaga, Tuija and Visa!


Obedience with Sini here in Kouvola with the worst result ever: first class 3 with 101 points, placement 11.


At the unofficial agility competition in Kouvolassa 27.5. I was working at the track for beginners, so both Helmi and Sini attended the track for dogs that have been to official competitions. And both got rejected, but had also some good moments.

Sini filled 6 years 11.6. Big congratulations to the sporty mum! 12.6. we celebrated it at the agility competition in Kouvola. Didn't get 0 as a bitrhdaypresent. From the jumptrack we got rejected and from the agilitytrack 17,97 penalty points, placement 12.


Yesterday we were at a dog show in Hamina with Helmi. The result was VG with heavy movements. Today we went to Kotka to an agility competition with Sini. From agilitytrack   20 penalty points, placement 13. From jumptrack we got rejected because of three denials from my poor direction.


We went to a dog show with Helmi again. This time to Helsinki to the special for working dog breeds. We got the third and last certificate, the result was EXC 3, CK, Best bitch 3, CAC.

Sini's sister Hilda (Woodlooks Georgeous Ginger) gave birth to 12 black puppies, 6 dogs and 6 bitches 12.5.2011 . Congratulations Ingela and Hilda!
Kennel Woodlooks
 +46 56071129
 +46 70 6071129 mobil


Showtour with Helmi continued in Tampere with EXC 3.


Easter dog shows with Helmi are over and the results were not hilarious. Yesterday in Lahti VG and today in Lappeenranta G.


Agility competition with Sini here in Kouvolassa. Pleasant tracks and it went nicely, but always some small faults. Fom the jump track 10 penalty points , placement 15. and from the agility track 15 penalty points , placement 9.


The first obedience competion this year with Sini in Kouvola. The result was 2 in beginners class with 142,5 points and placement 12. Again we entertained the judge and the audience. The best laughs came this time from following in the leach, 0 points!


Sini was Finnish Briard Club's  agilitybriard of year 2010 and also active briard  2010. So far we know only the winners in each category, so we don't know our success in other competitions.

Yesterday 5.3. was the first competition this year with Sini in agility in Lappeenranta. From frist agilitytrack we got rejected, from the second 12,45 penalty points, placement 13. From the jumptrack we got 23,94 penalty points, placement 16.


A bit old news. Helmi's new showyear with the new regulations started in Lahti  16.1.2011. She got a blue ribbon, which is now VG.

The father of H-litter Huuru got his Champion International d’Exposition title C.I.E confirmed 19.1.2011. Big congratulations Huuru and Marita!


The last competitions and shows this year are behind. On the independence day  6.12.2010 we drove in a snowstorm with Sini to Hollola to an obedience competition. The result was 2 in the beginners class with 152,5 points and the placement was 24. among 46 dogs.

On 11. and 12.12.2010 we went to a show to Helsinki with Helmi. 11.12. the result was EXC/3 and 12.12. G.


Agiliity with Sini at Lappeenranta. Three tracks, 2 agility and one jump. It went rather well even though the results were not so shining. From the first agility track we got rejected (wrong end of the tube), from the second 13,37 penalty points (one dropped bar and dropping from the boom that caused the overtime), placement 15. and from the jump track 10 penalty points (2 dropped bars) and placement 10.

Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa) was X-rayed. Bad luck with hips continued C/D, elbows were healthy though 0/0.


We went to a dog show with Helmi to Lahti. The result was VG again.


On Tuesday 5.10.2010 we participated with Sini again to an unofficial obedience competition. This time we got 2 in the beginners class with 154 points. Today was then the official obedience competition here in Kouvola. We got 3 in the beginners class with  139 points.


Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) and Sini begun today their career in obedience at Keuruu with great result: first price in the beginners class with 171,5 points. Big congratulations to the skilful pair!


On Tuesday 7.9.2010 we participated with Sini again to an unofficial obedience competition. This time we got 2 in the beginners class with 154,5 points and placement 3rd.

Today it was againg turn for agility competition in  Kotka (or actually in Hamina). From agility track we got 20 penalty points and were 9th. The jump track went better with  10 penalty points and 10th place.


Helmi and Surri went both to a dog show, Helmi to Helsinki and Surri to Tampere. They were both very good (VG).


On Sunday 29.8.2010 Sini, Helmi and Surri participated MH character description at Santahamina in Helsinki. An interesting event which shy Helmi cleared rather well. Sini's description on the other hand was interrupted during the sound sensitivity part when she after been frightened by the rattle decided to leave to the diredction of our car.

Results: Surri, Helmi and Sini (Sorry, only in finnish)

Videos of Surri's and Helmi's description can be seen here. Thanks Elisabeth!

Today Surri won an unofficial obedience competition. Big congratulations Surri and Sini!


Today in Kotka we got a prize with Sini at an agility competition. From the first track we got our best result so far 5 penalty points and 2nd place. At the second track I was a bit stiff and we got rejected.


Helmi's second show at open class here in Kouvola. This time EXC 2, second best bitch ans RES CAC.


Today we went to an obedience competition with Sini here in Kouvola. We got 3 in the beginners class with  138,5 points and 6th place.

On Friday 13.8. we went to an unofficial agility competition here in Kouvola. Helmi also started her agility career. Because the weather was hot and we were just beginners we were allowed to start in medium class (low jumps). It went pretty well 14,50 penalty points and 2nd place. With mother Sini it didn't go so well. I was again too slow and she jumped one fence to the wrong way, so we were rejected.


We have been to shows and competitions again. With Sini we trained obedience at an unofficial competition  3.8.2010 and got 1 in the beginners class with 173 points and were paced 3rd. 8.8.2010 we continued agility in Hamina where we got in the hot and smokey wether rejected at the first agility track (the wrong end of the tube) and   17,40 penalty points and 11th place at the second agility track.

With Helmi we changed to open class at the group shoe in Porvoo 7.8.2010. The judge didn't like her because she was too loose and the coat was changing in quality and colour and gave us G. In the intermediate class she would have given VG (would have been much more pleasing, eh?).


We went to an agility competiton with Sini again. This time here in Kouvola. Nice tracks and it went well, but we allways make small mistakes. At jump track  20 penalty points  12th place and agility track 15penalty points 8th place.


The puppies of Sini and Huuru are already two years old. Big congratulations Hapsu, Sulo, Surri, Siru, Riku, Hilda, Helmi, Martti, Saaga and Ryti!


Finnish Briard clubs obedience championship and special show in Leppävaara, Espoo. Sini started her obedience career early in the morning with 152 points and the result 2 in beginners class.

After that was the long and warm show, where Helmi got VG in the intermediate class and Sini with very little hair and bad movements got G in open class.Helmi's sister Hapsu (Kannusruohon Hoikkapuuhari) started her show career greatly with VG and 4:th place in the intermediate class. Big thanks and congratulations Sari, Jari and the handler Iida!

Hapsu (Kannusruohon Hoikkapuuhari)


Helmi's agility course ended 9.7. and in August we'll continue training in groups. In the last lesson we were allowed to do a real track.

With Sini we were last weekend 10. and 11.7. at hot Mikkeli in agility competition. Both days we got a result from the first track (25 penalty points, 20. place and 15 penalty points, 14. place) and rejeted from the second track.


Helmi was showed again in Forssa all breed show. She got VG 1. The judge explained that Helmi in now little in between. The hindquarters should still develope and movements get more power. Now the behind is a little higher in the movement. She said that if we were in Sweden, she would have given HP and wished to see Helmi later again. Father Huuru was second best dog, congratulations!


Helmi got her second CAC at Kotka international dog show and was third best bitch.



Not so very good hip X-ray results. Ryti (Kannusruohon Harmokallokas) C/C and  Hilda (Kannusruohon Haivensysinen) D/D + slight arthrosis (1) in both hips, elbows 0/0. The result confirmed my desision to give Hilda to the family she is now living with.

With Helmi we have been to dog shows in Jämsä. 5.6. all breed show EXC 2, best bitch 3 and 6.6. group show VG 1.

Sini turned 5 years on Friday 11.6.  We have also continued agility with Sini. First 4.6. in Kouvolassa at the unofficial competition 30 penalty poits  and then 13.6. in Heinola at the official competition on agility track 20 penaltypoints and 13. place and on jump track  21,04 penalty poits and 11. place. We have developed even though it doesn't show in the results yet.



We've been competing again. 16.5.2010 with Sini at Kouvola agility competition we got rejected at both starts. 23.5.2010 at Kotka we got results again. From agilitytrack 17,03 penalty points (2 denials and a drop + overtime), fifth palce. At jumptrack we dropped 4 bars and we a bit slow, the result 20,35 penalty points and seventh place.

With Helmi we went to Helsinki to a dog show 22.5.2010 and this time the judge liked her. Result was EXC 1, Best bitch 2, CAC and RES CACIB, that will turn to CACIB.

Hilda (Kannusruohon Haivensysinen) has been X-rayed. We are waiting for the results.


Sini and Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) started 8.5. their obedience career at an unofficial competiton with 173 points and first price. Great, big congratulations to the skillfull pair and good luck in the future and to the official competitions!

I also went to the unofficial obedience competition with Sini 4.5. We got 150 points which was the second price. 8.5. we went to the unofficial agility competiton and got 41,78 penalty points (4 droppings, 2 denials and some overtime). Does not promise well to the official competition on the following Sunday.

Helmi started on Friday 7.5. agility course and on Saturday her second heat so we got to the break right away.


Surri's (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) X-ray results came: hips B/A and elbows 0/0. Congratulations Sini!


Yesterday  I went with Helmin to a test for the agility course. The test was not very difficult, but it wasn't easy to get the place to the course. But we did, yeah! The course begins in May.

Today we drove to Tampere to Sini's character test. The judges were  Pekka Orava and Pasi Halme. No big surprises, but I would have expected a little more eager playing and better will to fight and a little more activity in the dark room. Accessibility  +3 and  shot secure. A normal family dog, not a super working dog.  Videos are in the gallery. Big thanks to Pipsa!

We have also seen some of Sini's "little" boys. On Friday we met Sulo (Hopeakoisa), who was on a city holiday here in Kouvola staying at the brother of his owner. And today Sini brought Surri (Harmaasurri) to see us to the character test. Both boys have grown to big and nice dogs. They are darker than sister Helmi and their coat is not so curly.


Today we went again to a dog show with Helmi (Lappeenranta all breed show). Helmi was the only one in the breed, but we didn't expect much. Still the blue ribbon (G) didn't rise the spirits very high. This time the biggest fault was very wide front movement. And she could also do with less food. Not true if you ask Helmi herself.

Surri's (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) hips and elbows were X-rayed a little more than two weekd ago. They looked fine (pictures are in the gallery), but we'll wait for the judgement from the Kennel Club.

Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa) did good and found the mobile phone that his master had dropped to the forest. Fine boy!


The postman brought today fine diplomas. Sini was Finnish Briard Club's agility newcomer of year 2009 and surprisingly also agilitybriard of year 2009. The first diploma we did expect, because we were the only pair that started competing in agility last year, but we won the agility briard of the year contest only because the other dogs that were competing last year didn't bother to participate in the contest. The winner would have been Dassu (FI AGCH Woodlooks Dashing Dandy) and also Monty (Zhamanen The Full Monty) and Ilo (Chaccado Bambilo) would have been a lot better than us.

Sini's sister Hilda (Woodlooks Gorgeous Ginger)  had  3.3. her second litter: 7 males (5 black and 2 blue) and 4 females (3 black and 1 blue). Warm congratulations Hilda and breeder Ingela! More info kennel Woodlooks.


We went to a dog show with Helmi again, this time at Tampere group show. The result was VG/2 again.

At the same trip we went to see Hilda (Kannusruohon Haivensysinen). Her colour was very light and she looked very big, partly because of her rather shaggy coat.


This weekend we went with Helmi to Helsinki to two shows.  12.12. 2009 in the Finnish winner show we got G and an order to train running in the ring, 13.12.2009 in the Nordic winner show we run a little better and got VG/2.

The results of Sini's free T4 were also normal so she has no hypothyreosis.


Again two kind of news.  Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) continued 29.11.2009 his showcareer at Turku international show. He got again VG with a fairly good judgement at his first big show indoors and in intermediate class. Congartulations Sini and Surri!

And the not so happy news concern also Surri, who got a bloat last night. We hope that Surri gets well fine like his brother Riku did. And you owners of the other puppies, keep an eye on your dogs!

Sini and Helmi were vaccinated 10.11.2009. At the same time Sini's blood was taken for thyroid tests. T4, TSH and T4/TSH were normal, results of free T4 have not come yet.


We have to agility competiotions with Sini again today. Our first official competition indoors and the place was Kotka. We got rejected at the agilitytrack (again wrong end of the tube), at the jumptrack 20 penalty poits and 9th place (3 drops and denial at the sticks). Still more accuracy from me is needed.

Surri went to learn herding in October and it had went well. Well done Sini and Surri!

Then more unpleasant news. Riku had a bloat at the end of the week. No we hope that the young fellow gets well fine. And Sulo has begun to take the measures of his big brother Sisu and now they both have more or less injuries and antibiotics. Get well soon all you boys and strength to the owners!


Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) started also his showcareet today at Tampere groupshow. He got VG with a good judgement. Congratulations Sini and Surri!


Helmi has been to a couple of shows with quite good results: Vantaa 6.9.2009 EXC 1, thrid best bitch and RES CAC, Porvoo 12.9.2009 EXC 2. To Porvoo to the French special judge came also brother Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa). He had somewhat less fur than his sister, but did fine at his first show and got a VG.

The father of the H-litter Huuru (Boondock's It Just Hap'n) passed the working dog's behaviour test 9.9.2009 and can now be called BH. Congratulations!


There has been hard days, but life must go on. Today we have been with Sini at agility competitions here in Kouvola. We got at the jumptrack 13,14 penalty poits and 8th place and rejected at the agilitytrack.


My darling boy Heikki left today suddenly to the rainbow bridge. Yesterday I took Heikki with a heavy heart to try a new home and today the boy had got loose when his collar had broken and after runnig free for a while he had run to the road and got hit by a car. I'm so very sad.


The hip and elbow results came from the Kennel club today. No surprises. Both had D/D hips and Helmi 2/1 elbows, Heikki 0/0. And Helmi begun her first heat today.


Sini's agilitycareer continued 15.8.2009 in Lappeenranta. We had three starts: 2 agilitytracks and  1 jumptrack. At the first agilitytrack we got rejected again, but at the second we were more accurate: 10 penalty points + little over time, together 15,17 penalty points and 9th place. Yes! At the jumptrack we also got a result 5 penalty points with over time, together 12,86 penalty points and again 9th place (there were 26 dogs in the class). With my skills and experience, I'm very pleased, but we do need more training.

4.8. the hips and elbows of Heikki and Helmi were X-rayed. We are still waiting for the official results from the Kennel club, but not with any high hopes. The vet said that both have D hips (can be even worse) and Helmi also has something wrong in her elbows. The X-rays are in the gallery.


Showtour continued in Helsinki. The judge from the United States also thought that Heikki and Helmi were both long and had short legs Heikki got VG this time too, she thought that Helmi was very promising and she got EXC and was second best bitch with RES CAC. We also took the 'official' one year old photos.


The day before on 25.7. was to Sini and me a little different than a year ago. We started our agilitycareer here in Kouvola. We got rejected at both the jump and agility tracks, but despite that it was a pleasant experience. I have to get better and be more accurate.


Kannusruohon Buglitter fills 1 year 25.7.2009. Big congratulations to all!

Heikki 9:35, Hapsu 4:40, Riku 9:50, Martti 14:25, Ryti 20:30, Siru 9:05, Surri 7:45, Helmi 12:50, Saaga 19:40, Hilda 10:35 and Sulo 5:45


Today we were in the group show at Lammi. The judge thought that Heikki and Helmi were both long and had short legs and gave them both VG. On Tuesday we went to Niinikoski in Orimattila to meet brother Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa). Sulo was a lovely big boy who at least for now was clearly darker than his siblings. Next weekend we'll go to the ring at Tuomarinkartano and then 4.8. to the hip x-rays, so there will be a short pause in the shows. Next weekend there's some action reserved for Sini too.


A great show weekend behind. At all breed show in Tuusula 4.7. Heikki BOS and third CAC, Helmi EXC/2 and the following day in Hyvinkää Heikki BOB and his fourth CAC, Helmi second best bitch and RES CAC. We also popped in the group ring and got experience.

26.6. we went with Sini again to an unofficial agility competition.Among the not yet competed dogs we placed second with 10 penalty points. We also did the track of the competing dogs, but were rejected because I sent Sini to the wrong end of the tube.  But I have now buyed the licence for official agility competitions, so maybe we'll soon attend one.


In the end of May on 29.5. we went with Sini to an unofficial agility competition. It went quite nice, two drops and one denial that is 15 penalty points and 4th place.

11.6. Sini filled 4 years. The mother is still quite a kid.

14.6. we wnet to Kotka to a dog show with Heikki and Helmi. They both performed quite well, but the judge thought that they were big and loose in the movement,  Heikki VG/2 and Helmi G.

16.6. I went with Sini to an unofficial obedience competition. The beginners class went well considering the amount of our training. We got 2 with 154 points. There's a lot to improve, but not a bad result.


In Helsinki international Aptus show Heikki got his second CAC and was third best dog and BOB junior. So we got the opportunity to train to present ourselves in the big ring. We were not placed though. Helmi got this time red ribbons, that is VG/1.

After the breed ring we went to Espoo to see sister Saaga who had been operated the day before. She had got new right hip of titanium. There was a joyful girl waiting even though her hindquarters had to be supported. The operation had went well and the prognosis was good. We wish strenght to Saaga and her family in the long and hard time of recovery.


At Lappeenrata group show the juniors got already pink ribbons and a little more:  Heikki best dog, BOS and CAC, Helmi 2nd best bitch and RES CAC.


Helmi and Heikki went to a match show on 14.5.  Both performed well and got red ribbons. Heikki was almost placed among the red puppies, he was in the best five when only four got prizes. They both also gave a bloodsample for the genetic study for dogs.

On Sunday 17.5. was their first official show in junior class in Hamina. The judge liked them both very much, but liked Heikki better. She didn't give them an excellent though, because they were more like puppies than champions. So they got red ribbons there too.

Surri was in obedience and working camp last weeked. Well done Sini and Surri!

Saaga's right hip will be operated next Friday in Helsinki. Thumbs up that the operation goes well.


Sini may have CDA or the blue dog syndrome or colour dilution alopecia after all. When she was sterilized we talked with the vet of her fur that had become very poor after the puppies and desided to take a skin biopsy during the same sedation. I got the report from the pathologist on Thursday. She wrote that the findings refer to follicular dysplasia and that there is usuallya  hereditary tendency to it.


Not good news, because if it is CDA, also the puppies may have it, especially the blue ones. I would not have bred Sini if I had known about it a year ago. I supposed that CDA would burst out before the age of 2 to 3 years, but now I read that it has come out as late as the age of 6. New hair seems to be coming, but we'll watch the situation.



Sini was in a sterilization operation on Monday. The operation went well and the healing has also begun well. Now she just has to take it easy for a while.

Sini showing her new sprigndress while watching in the backyard on the evening of the operation.

Yesterday I got sad news from Saaga's (Hohtosinisiipi) home. Saaga has had difficulties getting up and she had used her other hindleg less than the other and turned it strangely from the knee. So the owners had her hips X-rayed. The other acetabulum was non-existent and the hip joint looked strange. So there seems to be dysplasia. They are looking for possibilities for treatment and we are hoping for the best.


Heikki and Helmi went to a dog show again. This time it was the international show in Lappeenranta. Heikki was again second in male puppies and Helmi was second in female puppies, but this time Helmi also got a HP and a rosette. The judge said they are both very promising.


Kannusruohon puppies started their show career at Tampere international dog show. There were Heikki (Hohtovaskinen), Hilda (Haivensysinen) and Helmi (Hopeasinisiipi). Heikki was second in male puppies, Hilda was first in female puppies, got a HP and was BOS-puppy. Helmi was second in the competition between sisters. Many thanks to Heidi for preparing Hilda for show and showing her. It went great even though it was a bit exciting. Big congratulations to you both!


Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) and Sini went to a match show again and this time they won a prize. Surri was the winner of the blue puppies. Big congratulations!


The annually meeting of Finnish Briard Club was at Tampere and I packed the dogs with me and we went to see the siblings Riku, Surri and Hilda at the same trip. We met at Riku's home at Ylöjärvi. Thank you Marko and family! Getting the five into same photo was painful, because it was hard to make them stay still. Surri and Riku were the most obedient ones. More pictures in the gallery.

Surri had been to a match show last weekend. He got red ribbon, but was not yet placed. Good luck to the following match shows Sini!


The father of H-litter  Huuru is on the cover of Koiramme magazine 12.

Also Surri (Kannusruohon Harmaasurri) has now both testicles.

Sini became season on 11.12. and it is suitably the Christmas break in agility. The time between heats was this time 7 months.


Saga (Kannusruohon Hohtosinisiipi) went with Tuija and Visa through Tampere to Rovaniemi for a friend to Ronja. It's a long way for the little one. I wish all well to Saga and the whole family and big thanks.


The father of the litter Huuru was today BOB in Hämeenlinna dog show. Big congratulations!

Ryti (Kannusruohon Harmokallokas) who had only one testicle at the age of 7 weeks has now both. No we are waiting what will happen to Surri's ones.


On Friday again one puppy left. Sulo (Kannusruohon Hopeakoisa) left with Lotta, Timo and Tilda to Niinikoski to accompany Selma and Sisu. Travel went well asleep and the big black ones and the other animal friends were met rather briskly. I wish all well to cute Sulo and his family and big thanks.

Hilda has also started training with his brother Surri with Finnish Briardclub in Tampere. Well done!


One puppy less again. On Friday Martti (Kannusruohon Harmonirkko) Travelled with Janne and Kristiina to Forssa to the joy for the children and the pest for Minttu-dog.  I wish all well to Martti and his family and thank you.


Yesterday the sixth puppy left to her own home. Siru (Kannusruohon Hallakorri) travelled in the evening with Kati and Jukka to Mäntsälä. I wish all well to Siru and thank you Kati and Jukka.

Last week the first puppies started training. Surri and Sini were in a babyschool in Tampere and Hapsu and Sari trained with Finnish Briardclub in Leppävaara. Well done and go with it!


On Tuesday the fifth puppy left to his new home. Big boy Riku (Kannusruohon Hietahepokatti) travelled with a big guy Marko to Ylöjärvi. At first he had missed his mother a little, but the rest of the trip had went well sleeping. And there were kids to play with at home. I wish all well to Riku and his family and thank you Marko.


First puppies left to their new homes yesterday. Kannusruohon Harmaasurri went by train with Sini to Tampere, Kannusruohon Hoikkapuuhari went to Halkia to accompany Ruttu and others and to lie on the couch with Sari and Kannusruohon Harmokallokas travelled Ilmajoki to be the new friend to Marski and maybe a little to Riikka, Timo  and Elke too. All has travelled well and settled to their new homes.

Today left Kannusruohon Haivensysinen. Fawn little charmer went to Kangasala to the joy of Heidi, Mikko and the girls and to the horror of the old cats.

I wish the new homes all well in the future and thank you.

The father of the litter Huuru attended today mental test and got 172 points.


Sini's siblings have also had puppies, brother Felix (Woodlooks Galantic Gaston) 20.8.2008 6 puppies (5 dogs and 1 bitch, black and  fawn) at kennel Billlebakken in Norway and sister Hilda (Woodlooks Gorgeous Ginger) 1.9.2008 10 puppies (2 dogs and 8 bitches, black and blue) at kennel Woodlooks in Sweden. Congratulations!


The puppies are already one moth old and the three odd coloured ones have not turned so grey that I think that they don't become blue. So I rang to the kennel club and changed their colour to fawn. Time will tell how their colours develope. Now they, especially the bitches, have quite much grey in their coat.


Sini's and Huuru's puppies are born: 6 dogs and 5 bitches. All are blue, but there are different shades.


Today ultrasound showed that Sini is expecting puppies. The vet estimated 6-8. A bit difficult to see, but at least there were more than 2.


Sini was mated with Huuru 27.5.2008. Now we are waiting to see if there will be puppies. We also went to a couple of shows last weekend with varying sucess. On Saturday 24.5. in Helsinki we got a S - not a surprise, but of course we hoped for better. On Sunday 25.5. in Hamina we got an EXC again. Now we can happily take a break of shows.


Sini came to heat today. If everything goes as planned, puppies will be expected to born in July and can be delivered in September.


In spite of Sini's somewhat thinned hair that still looks rather bad, we went to a show to Lahti on Saturday. It was worth the trip, because we got Sini's first orange rosette, that is RES CACIB. It was nice to come home with more than a piece of plastic ribbon. Next shows will be 24.5. in Helsinki and 25.5. in Hamina, if Sini's heat won't change the plans.

Today the obedience moved out of doors and we were able to train in a group after quite a while. It went well, but there's still much to do if we'll aim for a competition. Tomorrow we'll train agility.


Must put some new news here. Sini's blood was tested on 20.2.2008,  normal blood samples and thyroid tests. All other resuts were normal, but thyroglobulin autoantibody TgAA was on the limit. We'll take new tests when the time is right.

We started our career in unofficial competitions on 13.3.2008 with the result 32,74 penalty points and 9th place. Way to go and improve the guidance.

Our first show this year was in Tampere on 13.3.2008. Sini's coat is still not really in show condition, but despite that we surprisingly got EXC/2. Next show will be in Lahti on 26.4.2008.


Happy New Year! The year 2008 begun again with bangs. Sini and I stayed indoors during the biggest bangs. Sini is not afraid of the fireworks, but she doesn't seem to enjoy being outdoors in the horrible noise. Today the ground got a white cover, so it seems that we'll get a winter after all.

Sini spent Christmas being a little ill. The Steelstomach had obviously got some bug that bothered her almost a week. It didn't come from the Christmas goodies, because it begun on the Friday before Christmas with a couple of womits and poor appetite and continued with varying diarrhea and poor appetite through the whole Christmas. So Sini missed the Christmas goodies this year, because at first they didn't taste and then I didn't give any.

Here she is all well remembering year 2007. I got the kennelname and we even tried to have puppies. We went to a lot of shows with varying success. We got the third and last CAC even though Sini's coat was still rather poor.  We rehearsed obedience too little and also did some tracking. We took the primary course in agility and continued practising it once a week.

This year we'll try having puppies again from Sini's next heat in spring or summer (the space has been so far 6 months, 8 months and 5 months). We'll also visit some shows, but propably less than last year. At least so far we haven't entered for any. We'll continue agility and obedience, but maybe won't still compete. That suffers from my nerves and skills and laziness. We'll propably also continue tracking, because Sini likes it, but just for fun.


We visited Helsinki at the Finnish Winner 2007 show. This time we behaved in the ring, but got still a VG. Groom Huuru did great and was BOB with CAC, CACIB and the Finnish Winner 07 title. Congratulations Marita and Huuru!


Most likely no puppies coming yet. We visited Huuru, but the youngsters did just practise. We'll try again in the next heat.


Sini came to heat, but at the same time she got kennel cough. I had planned to mate her in this heat, but now it depends on how she recovers from the cough. If the mating succeeds, the puppies will be born in January and delivered in March.


By the judgement "little low bitch" Sini was in Lahti international show and rocked herself a  VG. I was handling, so her movements were again horrible. The father of our coming litter Huuru on the other hand was 2nd best dog with CAC and CACIB. Congratulations Marita and Huuru!


Expected post came from Finnish Kennel Club FCI has accepted the kennelname Kannusruohon dated 4.10.2007 in Espoo.


Kennelname Kannusruohon appeared in FCI's list of kennelnames.


Application for a kennelname to Finnish Kennel Club.



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