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About me

I am 50 years old single female and my occupation is a biologist. I work at Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southeast Finland with nature conservation. I studied in Jyväskylä University and after that I've been living in Kouvola, which is a town of nearly 90 000 inhabitants in South-Finland.  I live in a chained house at outskirts of the center.

About the kennel

I got the kennelname Kannusruohon in October 2007. The name comes from common toadflax or yellow  toadflax (Linaria vulgaris). When I considered the kennelname, it seems that all the good and suitable were already reserved. Then I decided, that because I am a biologist, I take the name of a plant. I think that common toadflax is beautiful and besides that it has the name in Finnish has the dewclaw (kannus) which is typical and important for briards. And that's why it  is very suitable for the breeder of the breed.

I am just beginning as a breeder. I attended the breeder's course in spring 2007. It was not my intention to begin breeding, but when my first bitch Sini was a rather good specimen, I decided to try to breed her. Will I continue as a breeder is still open, but anyway this will allways be in a small scale.

My aim is to breed heathy, happy and friendly companions which also are suitable for interest as working dogs, obedience, agility and showsdogs.



Tuula Tanska

Särkitie 1 i

FIN-45160 Kouvola


phone: +358 40 828 5747

email: tutanska @ (remove the gaps)

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