Helmi's interests

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Shows have been our most visible interest so far. We have been training with the local club and also by ourselves.

Helmi's first show was in puppy class in Tampere interbnational dog show 14.3.2009. The judge was Hans Almgren from Sweden and Helmi was secon in female puppies. After that there have been many shows and various results. Helmi has got three CAC's and one CACIB and she has been BOS twice.


We have trained obedience rather lazily. Helmi likes it and learns easily. For a meatball she does almost anything. We have not yet been to any competitions.


Summer 2010 we started to train agility. We took a course and are now training regularly. Helmi likes it, but she is still very slow.

We started our career in unofficial competitions in Kouvola on 13.8.2010 with the result 14,50 penalty points and 2nd place. Not too bad. After that we have been to two unofficial competitons and got rejected. First official competitions were in Kouvolassa 21.4.2012.

You can find all Helmi's agility results here.


We started in May 2014 rally. We went to a course. At the "final test" we got 95 points out of 100 and decided to go to the unofficial test. It went well and we got 97 points in the trainer's class and were placed third and the same points in the novice class and were placed eigth. 25.6.2015 we went to another unofficial test and got 93 points in the novice class. First official competitions were in Kouvolassa 12.7.2015.

You can find all Helmi's rally results here.


We have also trained some tracking. Sini likes that too. In winter 2011 we also tried skiing with Harri and me and Helmi went rather well. In the summer she enjoys being in water and swimming. Helmi's favourite toys ar balls, but also sticks, staffs, teddybears and other softies do. In spring 2015 we also tried herding and Helmi liked it very much.


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